Simple compliance for indie brands

Independent hospitality businesses across Liverpool, Manchester and the North West use our services to manage health and safety, food safety and Covid-19.

Your venue compliance, make a meal of it.

These appetisers are fully prepared by our Michelin star team and will prepare your business for the rest to come. These should be reviewed every 12 months.

Tailor-made for you, these sharers are tools for you and your team to manage your business day-to-day. compliance and operations every day. 

Things taste better when done correctly. Check your systems are working correctly using these tasty quality checks. Recommended every 6-12 months.

These items should be ‘picked at’ as and when you need them throughout the year. Be sure to keep upto date records and so that you can keep track of when you do. 

Trusted by your favourite indie brands.

“Our 3 restaurants joined Foursquare in the middle of 2019 and we couldn’t be happier with the service so far. It’s personal, attentive and thorough. Would highly recommend!”

“Can’t recommend them enough. Very professional, helpful, thorough and supportive. A credit to the Liverpool independent business scene!”

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black and white logo for lu ban Chinese restaurant in Cains brewery in Liverpool
black and white logo forsake street food and drink market in Liverpool
black and white logo for the art school restaurant in Liverpool
black and white logo for the Baltic market food hall in Cains brewery in Liverpool
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Protect your staff.

Tell customers you care.

Join the Covid-Safe scheme.

92% of consumers told us that they are now more aware of safety/hygiene in hospitality venues

81% of consumers told us that they now research the safety/hygiene record of a venue before visiting

77% of consumers told us they would feel safer visiting a venue which had been independently audited

62% of consumers told us that seeing a window sticker on the business provided them with extra confidence