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Starters: Get the fundamentals right

Your health and safety policy is not only a legal requirement, but also the backbone of your health and safety system which details the rest of your plans.

Your food safety management system will outline your overall approach to food safety and food hygiene. It will be shared across sites to maintain high standards.

A fire risk assessment will identify fire risks in your venue and outline a roadmap of activies to improve safety for staff and customers.

Amazing indies who we support…

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A black and white logo of 'Maray'
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Mains: Manage your business day-to-day

Using a compliance diary is the easiest and most effective way to ensure that daily tasks are completed and recorded.

Collate all of your health and safety checklists, food safety checklists, fire safety checklists, fire safety logbooks, accident books and maintenance logs into one handy place.

What’s more, there’s plenty of space to include your key operational tasks. Compliance works best when integrated into the rest of the systems, so let’s do that – build your diary with all of the items you do need and none of the items you don’t.

Dessert: Quality checks to maintain best standards

mock-EHO inspection carried out by our Food Safety Consultants will prepare you for your next food hygiene inspection. Our unannounced visit will simulate the real thing by using the same standards and metrics.

Afterwards you’ll receive a report with our findings, recommendations for improvements and a food hygiene score.

A safety audit is the most thorough way to check that your food safety systems and health and safety systems are upto date and still relevant for your business.

Your safety audit report will identify gaps and provide a roadmpap of activities to improve compliance.

Protect your staff.

Tell customers you care.

Join the Covid-Safe scheme.

92% of consumers told us that they are now more aware of safety/hygiene in hospitality venues

81% of consumers told us that they now research the safety/hygiene record of a venue before visiting

77% of consumers told us they would feel safer visiting a venue which had been independently audited

62% of consumers told us that seeing a window sticker on the business provided them with extra confidence