We’re in the corner of independent business.

The bars, restaurants, cafés, shops, clubs, cinemas and other amazing independently owned businesses we all hold so dear.

Small independent business is booming, there’s no doubt about that. But it’s tough. There are genuine barriers to independent businesses operating compliantly. Too often it takes too long, is too costly and too complicated.

Not anymore, we’re here to change that …

Our story so far

We are a new company, we do things differently and we’re proud of it. We opened for business in January 2019, but our journey started much earlier than that.

Our founder Liam Jones has seen both sides of the coin. He started his career working in management for a national organisation and later went on to work within smaller independent business. After making the switch, he could see there was a problem that nobody was addressing. Independents have it tough. They must comply with all the same health and safety regulations as big business but using a tiny amount of money, staffing and expertise in comparision.

Having experienced the type of internal structure available inside a national corporation in his earlier years, Liam couldn’t believe the lack of the support available to independent business from the marketplace.

And so our mission was born, on 1st January 2019 Foursquare Group set out to make compliance as simple and cost-effective as possible for independent business.

The bread and butter collective

Being in the corner of independent business means that we support independent business as much as we can. For us, the biggest impact we can have day to day is to use our health and safety and operations expertise to make compliance as simple and cost-effective as possible. But we want to have a bigger impact than that.

So in November 2019, we launched our not-for-profit initiative thebreadandbutter.co. Our sole objective is to provide the tools necessary for an independent business to compete with industry big-hitters in all aspects.