Lewis Lawless –  Safety Director


My name is Lewis, I’m Safety Director.

I’m 56 years old, married to Linda for 27 years with a 24 year old son called Jamie. I am a grandad to Archie, got a cat called Cosmo and a dog called Teagan….so that`s me!

As you can probably tell from my photo, I am an outdoors type of person, me and my wife Linda love to get out and about walking with our dog Teagan. I am really interested in local history and am a keen metal detectorist believe it or not!


So, what’s my story and how did I end up working at Foursquare?

Well, I’m not going to bore you with my full CV as I’d probably need to write a book.

My first involvement with the hospitality industry was when I got an idea  around about 30 years ago, about running a pub, me and Linda managed to “wangle” our way onto a Whitbread Pub Management course – up to that point I had been a postman for 11 years of all things!

Without getting into all of the detail within the time from then until now, I have been a pub manager for some of Whitbread`s largest managed pubs in Liverpool and Manchester, been into B2B sales for many years selling hygiene chemicals into the food catering industry particularly the university and hospital sector and also selling detergents and disinfectants into food manufacturing businesses, I’ve been a regional technical  surveyor for the largest pest control company in the world,  been a H&S manager for a  large chemical supply company with a staff of around 400 employees, a company H&S trainer, a self-employed trainer, a food safety consultant and finally ending up working here at FG.

So as you can see I’ve “been around a bit, done a bit and seen a bit” so to speak.

My real passion is food safety which I have been really interested in for a long time, with a strong emphasis on Allergen Management, the reason for this?

 It’s because I found out about ten years ago that I was ‘Coeliac’, in other words I can’t have gluten in my diet otherwise its makes me very ill. This was a real bummer when I found out that that was the end of my relationship with beer, cakes, biscuits, bread, pies, pizzas and all the rest of the good stuff, until thankfully I discovered the gluten free versions.!

So, as you can imagine I have a real empathy with anyone else who has a food allergy or intolerance. This is sometimes reflected in my food safety audits and inspections as I am a real “stickler” for companies getting this right….so now you know why sometimes I seem a little harsh in my assessments and reports……it’s because I know how difficult it is for people with these dietary problems!

Just like the rest of my colleagues I am super passionate about helping the independent hospitality and retail sector to get their compliance right. We pride ourselves on being ‘hands on’ and approachable and yes, unlike ‘the big boys` of the hospitality world, you can ring me up directly if you need help or advice or perhaps have a problem that needs resolving, I am genuinely very happy to help!



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