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Sean Sturgeon (Marketing)

Hi all, my name is Sean Sturgeon, I am the Digital Marketing Apprentice for Foursquare Group. My tasks include running our social media accounts; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. As well as working on optimising our website.

The overall goal in this position is to obtain more awareness for Foursquare Group. Including everything from engagement on our socials to website traffic and everything in between. This is a massively gratifying role to be a part of as it allows me to flex my creative freedom while engaging with so many wonderful people – our clients as the biggest example.

Since joining in August 2019, I have had the pleasure of building so many amazing relationships with our clients. Laura from One Fine Day, Jay, Dom and Tom from Maray and Linda from LEAF on Portland Street just to name a few. I hope to maintain and deepen these relationships further as my journey continues.

What I love about Foursquare Group the most, is how much we truly cherish our clients. It’s always easy for companies to say this, but of one my favourite ongoing tasks is the ‘Client Focus’ blog posts. These involve me sitting down with each of our clients to discuss their personal journey when it comes to work. Their stories so far have been so motivating – discourse is an incredible ability we all have, and we should all be heard.

My job role is now starting to expand into other areas which is helping me to further my career. I have and will be attending far more networking events in 2020. This is to help me spread my ‘social interaction wings’ a lot more, while also benefitting the outreach of the company. For instance, I attend regular Well-Connected marketing events hosted by Liverpool Chamber of Commerce and I also help to set up Bread and Butter Co events. The latest event on the 27th January was in Farm Urban on Greenland Street which was a fantastic turnout!

My apprenticeship journey ends in August 2020, it has already been an incredible journey and gone so fast. I have no doubt the time leading up to my qualification end will go even faster and be more gratifying. My goal is to pass this apprenticeship, (hopefully) be kept on – continuing my work of building client relationships and marketing at a more senior/manager level!

Outside of work, I am as big of a ‘nerd’ as you might know. I am an avid film goer and video game player – and someone who will die on the hill of ‘Die Hard is indeed a Christmas movie’. One of my biggest achievements outside of work is taking part in a 7-day boat race from Liverpool-Belfast (and back). Personally, that couldn’t have came a better time in my life. I have always been an introvert to a certain extent but that journey truly made me find myself and own who I am as a person. I believe this was the ‘brought out of my shell’ point.

Other thing I enjoy is watching the reds (as an avid Liverpool supporter) with the father is always something I look forward to (especially the past two years). As well as spending time with loved ones – All are tremendous motivators in my journey so far…

I appreciate you taking the time to click on my page, and I hope this finds some sort of enjoyment or cracked a smile at least! Take care and enjoy the rest of our website 😊

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