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by | Feb 16, 2020 | Client focus


Into gin, craft beer or stone baked pizza? You need to check out our latest client – Turncoat Gin Distillery Bar!

The latest addition to the Royal Albert Dock, opened last week – Turncoat is situated in the basement next to the Edward Pavilion building.

The bar/restaurant is the first bricks and mortar venue brought by the team behind Turncoat Distillery. Since 2017, the distillery has been the mastermind manufacturer of many of the best-loved gin brands sold in bars across Liverpool.

With a strong audience of customers loving the craft approach Turncoat bring, opening their own venue was the obvious next step.

We had the pleasure of speaking to the Owner of Turncoat, Terry Langton, regarding his personal journey so far and the concept of the venue itself.

“Before the launch of the bar opening last Friday – which already feels like yesterday and a year ago at the same time. I have been making beers and gins since 2016. I have had other breweries in the past. I was the Co-Owner of Black Lodge and making ales for Love Lane.” 

[Discussing his biggest successes and challenges] “The Turncoat distillery bar is the most prestigious success to date – however, one thing has always fed the other successes along the way. For example, the work with Love Lane allowed me to create Black Lodge, and so on. The challenge for me now is to change my mindset from, wholesale which is making a product and getting it out to the public, to a retail mindset, which is all about catering to the experience of the people choosing to spend their time and money with us.” 

[Continuing] “I love working with a great team of people. Designing a nice place to work is always at the forefront of my mind, hopefully, the customers can feel that atmosphere and connect with it. We have worked with so many amazing people, for example, Rachel Woods who helped us with the interior design of the venue as well as Jessica Stanley from JazzStanArt who helped with the design of our toilets.”

We asked Terry what his thoughts are regarding the food/drink scene within Liverpool and this is what he had to say: “It’s really good and really difficult to keep up with. When I started at the brewery in 2010, it wasn’t what it is today but around 2012-13, was when it exploded into what it now is. The Albert Dock is an amazing place to be as it truly recognises the importance of independents.” 

We had the pleasure of attending the soft launch of the venue on the 6th February and we were blown away by the quality of everything they’re doing. Terry describes the venue as “minimalist, grown-up and simple”. It truly is a fantastic place to visit if you’re a keen gin enthusiast or even if you fancy trying something new – we recommend the Reuben Pizza and the London Dry Gin.


We will be following up with Terry and the staff at Turncoat in the following months to share their journey.

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