Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance for hospitality and retail.

As Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread its way through the UK, all areas of our lives will be affected. We’ll be required to change the way we do things to best combat the infection and protect the most vulnerable.

Speaking on behalf of our clients in independent hospitality and retail, this crisis will have an impact on the physical, mental and financial health of employers and employees.

Effective sharing of accurate information is key to minimising that impact. Over the course of the outbreak, we’ll be sharing a series of articles which we hope will help. To access the articles, click on the links below.

24th February – What you need to know so far

3rd March – How to wash your hands properly

23rd March – Venue close down guidance

23rd March – How soap is fighting the virus

24th March – Why social distancing is important

25th March – Do face masks protect against Coronavirus

28th March – Can Coronavirus COVID-19 spread through food

29th March – Food safety when switching from a restaurant to a takeaway


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Free advice throughout Coronavirus outbreak

While the country is working hard to work through the Coronavirus crisis we are doing our best to help the independent hospitality and retail industry – which includes free advice for all businesses. Click to get in touch.