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How often do you need to review your Covid-19 risk assessment?


In a previous post we discussed the importance of a Covid-19 risk assessment – it’s the key exercise in understanding how your business is impacted by Coronavirus and how your customers and staff are at risk.

If you’re currently taking part in our Covid-Safe scheme, then you’ll be aware of this because together, we will have spent an appropriate amount of time ensuring that your business has completed a robust Covid-19 risk assessment at the start of the process.

Probably before you reopened, we spent time deciding which control measures your business should implement based on how your business operates.

Each of these measures will have had varied effectiveness and some will have worked better than others. Perhaps you discovered that your one-way system needed amendments, your staff rota needed adjustments, or you couldn’t procure the PPE you committed to using – whatever the circumstance, it’s almost a certainty that the actual control measures you’re implementing now are not totally reflective of the control measures you planned to use.

This is good practice. Adapting your control measures to suit the environment is the right thing to do. But one thing we must always remember to do is record these findings formally in our Covid-19 risk assessment.

Due to difficulty in controlling Covid-19 and the fast-paced nature of hospitality and retail, we strongly recommend reviewing your risk assessment every 8 weeks. If you make changes to your control measures during that time, then you should record them in the risk assessment. If you haven’t made changes during that time, then you should use the review exercise to carefully consider if any changes can be made to improve the efficiency of your measures.

As part of our Covid-Safe scheme, we are strongly recommending that all participants book a Covid-Safe review with us. During the review process, we will assist you in updating your Covid-19 risk assessment documentation and discuss industry best practices to ensure that you’re still managing the virus in the best possible way.

The short and long picture for the virus is still unclear. As the colder winter months approach, many scientists believe that a second spike of infections is highly likely. This means that we all, as businesses, need to remain vigilant and ensure that we’re managing the risk to be best of our ability. The only way of doing that, is regular reviews of our strategy. 

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