A day in the life of a Digital Marketing Apprentice.

Written by Sean Sturgeon (Marketing)

I’m nearly halfway through my Digital Marketing Apprenticeship and my role is becoming much more structured as I have grown into it over the last six months.

In this post, I’m going to share my day to day activities and give a glimpse of what it’s like to be a digital marketing apprentice at Foursquare. If you’re thinking about starting a career in digital marketing or you’re simply interested in what the job entails, be sure to check this post out often as I provide regular updates on my new responsibilities. 

My main goal is to ensure consistent growth of Foursquare Group’s online presence. This includes page rankings across search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. It also includes growth across many social media platforms:


Below is a timeline of a standard day in my role:


My day starts by digesting all of the blog posts that have been written for the week. I will also review the content of our social media feeds for the week by looking at; how many posts we have made, how many impressions they have garnered, how many profile visits we have received, how many mentions we have received as well as how many new followers we have obtained/or how many we have lost.


Once I have reviewed our prior week. I then engage on our social media platforms. It’s important for us communicate and be a part of the community we serve, so this involves liking, commenting and sharing on all things independent hospitality and compliance. 



I will then prepare one of our blog posts to be uploaded onto our feeds. I do this by making sure we have a relevant featured image, alt-tags have been optimised and ensuring the meta data for website and socials are in place.

Once checked, the blog post will then be good to go out on our social feeds.


Now that the posts are out on our social feeds, I will then look towards other influencers that support hospitality and independent businesses to see if they would be willing to feature our post or provide a guest blog post which we can feature on our website.

Guest blog posting is massively beneficial for both parties involved as it is free content for the person who uploads it and it is free publicity for the one providing the content.


After this I will spend the final hour of my day researching various creative methods to help both my apprenticeship and my job as a digital marketer. I do this by reading articles about digital marketing, and looking at various tools/software that may help our social media feeds provide more of a ‘flare’.

I have other recurring tasks, such as working on InDesign to implement dates for client diaries  which need to be sent over bi-monthly.

I also attend regular networking events to engage with potential/current clients. This has been a brilliant step in my career thus far, as it allows me to build my confidence in engaging with people while also benefitting the company through increased engagement. with the community.

The tasks I am currently doing are very creative and I really enjoy carrying them out. However, my role has shifted a lot during my first six months in the job and it will continue to do so over the remaining six months – I’m looking forward to trying new things and learning new skills.

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