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Manage compliance, operations and people.

Use a bespoke business diary to bring your compliance and key operational tasks into one place. Easily and effectively manage key compliance and operational tasks.

Evidence good food safety practices to the EHO

Using our compliance diaries is the simplest and clearest way to record, monitor and present your day to day food safety records to the EHO during a food hygiene inspection.

Your back of house (kitchen) diary will include all of the monitoring sheets you’re required to complete such as cooking, cooling and food storage temperatures. 

Amazing indies who we support…

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A black and white logo of 'Maray'
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Manage your operations

Your front of house compliance diary will be customised to include the key operational tasks that your business needs to carry out on a daily basis. 

This could include tasks such as stock, staffing and cleaning. Tasks can be shared between team members with increased accountability and engagement. 

Reduce time and financial cost

By bringing all of your tasks into one handy tool, you’ll save money and time.

Save money by reducing the amount of different subscriptions and systems you use on site. Our fully customisable diary means our clients can now add up to 90% of their operational and compliance activity documentation in one place. 

Save time by reducing the amount of staff training required on different systems and time spent switching from one system to another.