Food safety management system

A robust food safety management system is the best way to document your food safety practices and share them with your team.

Our experienced team of Food Safety Consultants create food safety management systems for our indie clients in Liverpool, Manchester and the rest of the North West.

Standardise your system across the business.

A clearly written food safety management system is the most effective way to implement procedures across muliple sites. 

Using a documented system means that your business processes, goals and standards are uniform and understand throughout the business by everybody.


Share your food safety system more easily.

Recording your food safety management system in a robust and simple document means that you can easily share it with key stakeholders when required.

This includes Environmental Health Officers, business owners, customers, staff, investors, landlords and any other key person.

Protect your business.

By formally recording your company food safety practices, your business will be better protected in a case of litigation or civil action.

If you don’t document your company practice in enough detail, then it will more difficult to defend your business should a food safety related incident occur.

Pay what you can

In response to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis and the associated financial pressure on our client base of independent hospitality and retail, we have switched our business model. You’ll now only pay what you can afford instead of a fixed price.

Suggested price – £345