Food safety 

If you run a food/drink business, then being awarded a high food hygiene rating will be one of your top priorities. This is achieved by adhering to Food Safety Regulations and adopting best practices. 

On this page, we’ll discuss some of the things which will help you to do just that and some of the services and products we can offer to help you. 


Your food safety management system is made up of your policies and recorded  safe methods for managing food safety.

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An inspection is an unannounced visit to your site, to gauge your level of compliance in a real-life working scenario.

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A food safety audit is a planned visit to your site, to evaluate your overall food safety compliance against regulations and standards.

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We have worked with Foursquare Group for the past year now and we could not more highly recommend their services. They continue to work alongside us by improving our business compliance needs and are always on hand when we need them.

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