Food hygiene inspection

Your food hygiene inspection is an unannounced visit to your site to determine food safety compliance at that time. We use the same standards and scoring as the food hygiene rating system used by your local authority.

Our consultant will visit your site at an undisclosed time and complete an inspection similar to that carried out by an Environmental Health Officer would, on behalf of your local authority. After the inspection, we’ll provide a report with a mock food hygiene rating.


Just like an EHO inspection, our food safety consultant will arrive unannounced to provide a true picture of your business with no preparation.

EHO standards

The inspection will take place using similar standards and methodology as an EHO officer would in order to replicate the process.

Hygiene rating

On your inspection report, we’ll provide a mock-food hygiene rating using the same scoring system as the EHO would. 

FAQ – What’s the difference between an inspection and an audit?

Food hygiene inspections are an unannounced visit by our food safety consultant. They will assess the food safety compliance of your site at the time of the visit – think of it like a mock food hygiene inspection.

Food safety audits are pre-arranged visits to your site. Your management team will be expecting us and will have prepared certain aspects of your business ready for us to analyse and advise on. 


Suggested price: £195

Prepare for the real thing by booking a food hygiene inspection and pay what you can for it. 

In response to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis and the associated financial pressure on a client base of independent hospitality and retail, we have switched our business model. You’ll now only pay what you can afford instead of a fixed price.