The Food Standards Agency News

The FSA has announced that they’re supporting a move to update Allergen Regulations to include compulsory full ingredient labelling on pre-packaged foods.

If your business prepares foods on-site and packages them for sale as a ‘to-go’ item, you must now label all these foods with a full list of ingredients.

This applies to all foods which are pre-wrapped such as sandwiches, salads and cakes, no matter the type of business sold from. So coffee shops, canteens, pubs and all other types of business are included.

Takeaways that sell foods made to order on site are not affected as it would be difficult, or near impossible, to provide this level of detail when each order could be different.

It’s important that as well as labelling all the ingredients, you also highlight any of the 14 common allergens in bold. 

You should also include statements made by the manufacturers of ingredients used. An example of this would be “Not suitable for customers with an allergy to nuts due to manufacturing methods”.

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