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Difference between service and hospitality.

A large portion of an employees’ day within hospitality is providing service to customers, so it could be viewed as one and the same in a sense. I see it in a different way.

Written by Sean Sturgeon (Marketing)

Let’s look at large chains who have been long-standing for years, already garnered a vast reputation and retain mass returning/new customers. This is great for these chains, their goal is to simply keep up the momentum, finding new ways to make sure they stay ‘relevant’. Granted, the recognisable name and brand already goes a long way into showing that they don’t have to work overly hard. Naturally, the cons of being a large brand is having a larger portion of potential backlash – especially when it comes to modern-day social media.

Ask yourself when you visit these chains – do you feel like you’ve experienced hospitality? Or have you merely been served by someone? The difference I find when differentiating the two is simple. Visiting these chains, you are just being served by someone, which is completely fine, and the point – so long as you get what you are after that meets your requirements. So long as someone is serving you then they are doing their job correctly.

I feel that within these chains, you find not just a lack of gratitude, but your visit to spend money there is just cause and effect. The cause is you want to go to spend your time enjoying a meal with a loved one or even by yourself, the effect for the chain is they have served you – Now you must leave to save room for the next batch of people that want to spend their money.

There’s never a sense of sincerity or gratitude. Customers seem to be a means to an end. It is in the smaller, independent restaurants, bars, hotels where you see the complete opposite. Not only are they grateful for your custom. But with these places, you feel truly welcomed. The cause is the exact same – You want to go and spend your time and money enjoying a meal – The effect being, you have been truly welcomed, served with passion and once you have left, you find yourself remembering that particular place. Making you more inclined to visit again. I cannot stress the amount of times this has happened to me, I am elated to have some of these places as our clients and spend my money in these places to help the local economy.

In short, having passion, showing a warm welcome can go a long way in not only obtaining new customers. But it becomes absolutely pivotal in retaining returning customers.

That’s my thoughts, let us your thoughts on the difference between service and hospitality by reaching out on our social feeds!

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