‘Pay what you can’

How does that work?

We’re on a mission to make sure every independent business can manage compliance, without cost being a limiting factor. 

In response to the Coronavirus (covid19) crisis and the related financial struggle facing hospitality and retail, we have changed our pricing structure to be as helpful as we can.

Step 1 - Choose what you need

Take a look through the ‘serious stuff’ on offer to see which products and services would be useful for your business.

Here’s a few hints:
92% of our clients use our compliance diaries to manage their business day-to-day.

74% of our clients opt for a food hygiene inspection once every three months in order to maintain high food safety standards.

67% of our clients ask us to complete a food safety audit once every six months to ensure their paperwork and procedures are still up to date.

46% of our clients ask us to write their food safety management system in full.

53% of our clients ask us to complete a fire risk assessment once per year.

94% of our clients have placed their staff on our classroom courses in the last 12 months.

87% of our clients have ordered at least one e-learning course in the last 12 months.

Step 2 - Consider our suggested price

Our suggested prices are provided as a guide for you when deciding how much you can pay for your products or services.

At the bottom of each page, you’ll see a section which includes the suggested price and an outline of our costs so you can see how we came up with that price – we believe transparency is important.

Step 3 - Decide how much you can pay

Once you’ve decided what product or service you want, and you’ve read through our suggested pricing – all that’s left for you to do is decide how much you can pay.

You’ll never be asked to pay more than you can and we’ll never judge you for the amount you can or can’t pay.

If you can’t pay the full amount then pay what you can. If you’ve had a great month and you can afford more, we sure would appreciate it!