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Starters - Coming May

£49/ month

Single price across your business

  • Smart auto generation tool

    Our platform will guide you step by step through each document so you have the right information in the right places.

  • Essential compliance documents

    Including 99% of the documents you need to comply with Health and Safety, Food Safety, HR and Data Protection Regulations.

  • Business growth strategies

    Build your business the right way using strategies and plans set out by our industry experts.

  • Unlimited access and downloads

    No limitation on usage or downloads so you can create, edit and download as many documents as you need.


£49/ month

For one 1 diary at 1 venue

£79/ month

For 2 diaries at 1 venue

  • Bespoke to each of your venues

    Decide which sections are useful for you and which aren't so you only got what you need. 

  • Branded for your business

    Every diary comes with a custom illustration of your venue on the front cover and your brand colours. 

  • Compliance checklists

    Your diary will bring 99% of your mandatory compliance tasks into one place.

  • Operational tasks

    Incl;ude your key operational tasks to boost staff engagement and manage your venue more efficiently.

Dessert - Coming July

£19 / month

For up to 25 staff across your business

£29/ month

For up to 60 staff across your business

£39/ month

For over 60 staff across your business

  • Mandatory compliance courses

    99% of your mandatory courses such as Fire Safety, Food Safety and more.

  • Business strategy courses

    Courses wrote by our team of industry experts to help you grow your business.

  • Staff wellbeing courses

    Courses to boost the physcial and mental wellbeing of your staff.

  • Build your own courses

    Build your own courses to train staff on your business practices and standards.