How it works.

We’ve built our service to be as simple for you as possible.

Get started in three easy steps.

Trusted by independent business in Liverpool…

Decide how many diaries you need.

Your venue will need either one or two diaries. The first will be a front of house dairy. The second will be a back of house diary (if you have one).

Decide if you need mini-audits.

We can perform monthly or quarterly audits to analyse how effectively your diary system is being used and provide feedback for improvement.

Decide if you need extra help.

Every year you should be formally reviewing your policies, risk assessments and fire risk assessment. We can assist with these if you need us to. 

Frequently asked questions…

How long is the contract?

Two years

How do I pay?

You’ll pay by direct debit at the end of each month. 

What about if I have multiple venues?

The three-step process above applies to one venue only. So if you have multiple venues, you will have multiple separate packages.

Can my venues have different packages?

Yes, you can choose whichever setup best suits each of your venues.

For example, if you have three separate venues you might choose to have the first audited monthly, the second audited quarterly and the third never audited. 

What about if I run my venues as separate legal entities?

This is fine, but we’ll need to set up different contracts – one of for each legal entity with which you trade.