Alcohol and Drug Awareness


Drugs and alcohol abuse in the workplace is a risk which needs to be carefully considered by employers. Abuse is most common in industries which include long hours, high workloads, lone working or night shifts. However, all businesses should be aware of substance abuse in their workforce, how it will damage health, promote lateness and absenteeism, increase the likelihood of accidents and reduce productivity.

There is no stereotypical drug or alcohol user; they can affect everybody. Without intervention, there could be an adverse effect on workplace morale.

This Alcohol and Drug Awareness eLearning course provides employers and employees with information regarding the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse. Alcohol and drug-related problems not only affect individuals physically and emotionally but also cause problems in the workplace.

The course describes what responsibilities and duties employers have to their workforce. Employers have a duty of care to maintain a workplace free from the misuse of alcohol or drugs, they must not knowingly allow an employee under the adverse influence of alcohol or drugs, to continue working if their behaviour places themselves or others at risk.

Users will learn that employees must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs where it affects their own safety or the safety of others. Additionally, it is a criminal offence for transport systems workers to be unfit from alcohol or drugs use while working. Employees who drive road vehicles must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Successful completion of the Alcohol and Drug Awareness eLearning course will provide delegates with the knowledge of blood alcohol concentration and the units of alcohol with safe drinking benchmarks.  Furthermore, a definition of drug abuse and the classification of drug types are included in this course.  Advice is given on how to appropriately deal with employees who abuse drugs.

Who is it for?

This course is ideal for employees, managers or supervisors. It highlights the consequences of alcohol and drug abuse and how to effectively deal with it should it occur in the workplace.

Course outline

Main sections in this course are:

  • Overview
  • Alcohol policy
  • Drugs policy
  • Test

Course Objectives:

  • To highlight the dangers associated with the abuse of alcohol and drugs.
  • To explain specific rules regarding the management of these substances in the workplace.
  • To educate users on where they can get help.