Control of Hazardous Substances (COSHH)


COSHH stands for Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health. This Hazardous Substances (COSHH) Online Training course provides an overview of what hazardous substances are, how they are classified and how to implement safety measures to ensure that users can work safely with them.

The control of hazardous substances is regulated by the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH) 2002.

Information provided by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) explains that COSHH covers substances that are hazardous to health.

“Substances can take many forms and include

  • chemicals,
  • products containing chemicals,
  • fumes,
  • dusts,
  • vapours,
  • mists,
  • nanotechnology,
  • gases and asphyxiating gases and biological agents (germs).
  • germs that cause diseases such as leptospirosis or legionnaires disease and germs used in laboratories.”

COSHH does not cover lead, asbestos or radioactive substances because these have their own specific regulations.

This Hazardous Substances (COSHH) Online Training course provides essential information on substance classification. In addition, hazard classification symbols (old and new) are explained and the importance of labels and safety data sheets discussed.  Furthermore, users are made aware that not all hazardous substances are labelled products. The course educates delegates on how hazardous substances can enter the body and also what specific health conditions can develop.

The responsibilities of both employers and employees are explained in this course including the areas of identification, control measures, personal protective equipment (PPE) and finally, how to deal with accidents and emergencies.

Who's it for?

Ideal for deployment to anyone whose work might involve handling of, or close proximity to, hazardous substances. The course can be used as primer training and is easily blended with a practical demonstration to provide more thorough instruction.

Course outline

Main sections in this Hazardous Substances COSHH online training:

  • Hazardous Substances Overview
  • Classification
  • Health Risks
  • Control Measures
  • Final Test

Course Objectives:

  • To list hazardous substances and their different forms.
  • To be aware of the hazards and health risks associated with hazardous substances.
  • To detail how to avoid harmful exposure and reduce the risk of ill-health associated with hazardous substances.