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What does the rule of six mean for hospitality?

COVID-19 cases in the UK continue to be difficult to control. One of the key strategies for the Government which is in effect all across all restrictions of tiers is the ‘rule is six. It means that any social gatherings in England over six people are illegal. 

Boris Johnson said in Sep “In England from Monday we are introducing the rule of six, You must not meet socially in groups of more than six,  and, if you do, you will be breaking the law.”

This will be enforced by the police and people caught breaking this rule, can be fined.

This means that hospitality venues such as restaurants, coffee shops, bars and any other venue will not be able to host single groups of more than six. This includes both indoor and outdoor use of space, they can however, host more than six people in total across the venue.

There will be exceptions for events such as business meetings, funerals and weddings. These exceptions will be based on the tier that your area is in so you should check regularly which tier applies to you. 

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