Why I choose to make notes with pen and paper.

In an ever increasing digital world, scribbling vs typing are in a constant battle here’s why I choose pen and paper and why it matters.

Written by Sean Sturgeon (Marketing) 

As a Digital Marketing Apprentice, 20% of my working week revolves around classroom learning. This is broken up into 10 specific chapters – covering subjects such as introduction to IT business and careers, internet communications and internet technology. This means that a lot of my time if spent taking study notes and jotting down new ideas.

I could take these notes digitally on my laptop or a tablet, but I choose not to. Instead, I use ‘old-fashioned’ pen and paper. Personally, I believe written word surpasses notes taken on a PC or laptop by a fair margin, here’s why.

Prevents distractions

In the modern-day, our phones are essentially glued to our sides.  As a Digital Marketer, a large portion of my job requires me to use my phone, but there are times when it’s a hindrance.

Notifications can cause a distraction; receiving messages from loved ones, checking up on the latest news – it’s very easy to enter a rabbit hole of distractions. Before you know it, that is 10-20-30 or even an hour of the working day gone. The rest of the day turns into a game of catching up with to-do lists as everything comes to a halt.

This doesn’t happen whilst using a pen and paper. Whilst keeping your head down – all of your attention is strictly on that page. Putting all your time and energy into that particular subject you are writing about.

Inspires creativity

Being involved in a creative project is a very gratifying feeling, and personally I am delighted to my role involves a lot of creative freedom. 

From personal experience, I believe pen and paper can inspire creativity more easily than digital formats.

Any work relating to the website, take a navigation bar for example, is much easier visualised when drawn out as a sketch. This allows me to essentially get the idea out of my head and onto paper. I never feel like I get the same satisfaction digitally compared to getting it down on paper and pen and paper offers much more creative flexibility and speed.

Improves memory and it’s better for learning

During my working day, writing on pen and paper is far easier for me to retain information with my classroom learning and day to day activities. It also helps me to remember information or discussions that have happened with other colleagues easier compared to taking notes on my laptop. The information is quicker to hand and often reinforces my ideas. 

These are the key benefits I find whilst using pen and paper. Let me know if you agree or any other benefits you have while using pen and paper over PC/laptops. 

Thank you for reading and check back tomorrow for our next blog

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