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Working at height in Liverpool/Manchester

Learning objectives…

Understand legislation, regulation, roles and responsibilities when working at height

1.1 State legislation/regulations relevant to working at height
1.2 Identify key features of regulations related to working at height
1.3 Identify the consequences of non-compliance
1.4 Identify the responsibilities of employers and employees with respect to working at height

Understand safe working practices when working at height

2.1 State safety considerations when working at height
2.2 Identify features of the hierarchy of control measures for working at height
2.3 Identify how to reduce risks from the following:
• Weather conditions
• Working environment
• Others working at height
• Falling objects
• Fragile surfaces
2.4 Identify the importance of a risk assessment
2.5 State rescue plan requirements should an accident occur when working at height

Understand the types of equipment and testing requirements associated with working at height

3.1 Select the appropriate equipment when working at height
3.2 I
dentify safety precautions when using equipment
3.3 Identify standards and testing requirements for working at height equipment
3.4 State the reporting procedures when equipment is faulty

Useful info…

Compliance diaries

Did you know we provide tailored compliance diaries to independent hospitality venues? Diaries are the easiest way to monitor and record the daily and weekly actions your venue needs to take to comply with food safety regulations.

Free Training PDF

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