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Government should use the COVID19 vaccine to partially redeem its poor communication so far

We are nearly a full month into this latest, and hopefully final, national lockdown and there’s some encouraging signs. Nearly 10% of the UK population has received at least one COVID19 vaccination. This is huge.

I’ve gone on record several times over the past year talking about the underwhelming performance of our Government to manage this pandemic. But credit where its due, the UK is miles ahead of other nations in its roll-out of a COVID19 vaccine. Whether the target to vaccinate 15 million people by 15th February is achieved or not remains to be seen.

However, Gov now has a unique opportunity to address its main area of failure in the pandemic – horrendous communication.

Throughout this pandemic they have failed at every opportunity to share necessary information with the business community. Necessary information which would have allowed many businesses to survive. Business is about planning, never more so than in a crisis and business hasn’t been given the information to plan properly.

We’ve had no idea how the decision making in Gov is carried out, no idea how the infection rate affects the restrictions, no idea how the boundaries between the tiers are decided and how to move from one to another and so on…

Now Gov has an opportunity to partially redeem itself by publishing an economy reopening roadmap which is directly linked to the COVID19 vaccination roll-out. This roadmap should provide clear milestones which informs the business community about what comes next.

It should outline the number of vaccinations required in order to reopen each part of the economy. It should then outline target dates for achieving those vaccinations so that business can begin to monitor the situation and make educated decisions about its own future.

As it stands, the business community is waiting for the inevitable 11th hour call by Gov which will announce a full economy reopening within 24 hours – it’s simply not good enough and to be frank, at this point, it will cause many more businesses to go under in the meantime.

There are thousands of businesses across the UK, who are making key decisions – now – not in a month or two months or three months – now.  They have been patient, invested in additional safety equipment and systems and they deserve better communication from their Gov.

If our Gov can manage to outline a set of clear vaccine targets, with associated reopening plans, it means that these businesses can make informed decisions on their future. Some still may go under, but others will also be able to refinance, restructure, strategize or simply hold on – it’s really not too much to ask.

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